2019 Century Club Members

THANK YOU for your support of the MCSO Scholarship Fund. We have had a record breaking year with over $3,500 donated so far! Please consider joinging these amazing supporters and making a difference in the lives of young women in Connecticut.
Crowning Sponsors

Crowning Sponsors

Michele Kerski
Jillian Holt
Maribeth & Geoff Kanner

Scholarship Ambassadors

Scholarship Ambassadors

Susan Duffy
Chris Duffy
Joann Kokorus
Sandy Giammarco
Emma Goldsberry
Laura Schless
Cindy Mancini
Lisa Crowther
Nancy & Roger Picard
Peggy Clapp
Kelly Mazza
Kelly Plourde
Debbie Rizzo
Jonathan Yarmis
Tara Anderson
Julie Frangu
Salvatore Diaz
Nicholas Iwanec
Jessica & Chad Landmon
Diane & Lou Mazzeo
Ellen Muccino
Susan Farrell
Richard & Lynn Lemme
Mary Lou Smail
Alex Puglisi
Patricia May

Four Points Advocates & Friends of MCSO

Four Points Advocates & Friends of MCSO

Samantha Anderson
Alexa Farrell
Roberta Bianca
Cohen Wernicki
In Loving Memory of Alexandra Riofrio
In loving Memory of Shawn Marlowe

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Meet Our 2018 Titleholders

Bridget Oei

Bridget Oei

Miss Connecticut 2018


Women in STEM: Inspiring the Next Generation of Innovators

Morgan Mancini

Morgan Mancini

Miss Connecticut Outstanding Teen 2018


Completing the Puzzle:
Autism Awareness & Acceptance

Miss Connecticut Scholarship Program, an Official Preliminary to the Miss America Competition

The Miss Connecticut Scholarship Organization is a non-profit organization that awards scholarships to outstanding young women to help advance them academically and professionally. Participants have gone on to achieve major success in diverse fields including medicine, law, business, broadcast journalism, theater, politics, literature and more.

The Miss Connecticut Competition is an official preliminary of the Miss America Competition, the nation’s leading achievement program and the world’s largest provider of scholarship assistance to young women.

Participation in this program provides young women with the opportunity to promote a platforms of community service, share their talents, intelligence, and positive values while serving as role models in their communities, all with the support of dedicated volunteers assisting them in their pursuit of academic excellence, service and lifelong success.

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Meet Our Board Members

Nakiya Troth

Nakiya Troth

Executive Director & President
Melissa Durso

Melissa Durso

Vice President
Justin Farnham

Justin Farnham

State Judges Chair & Treasurer
Kristen Fruchtenicht

Kristen Fruchtenicht

EJ Jamele

EJ Jamele

Brand Manager & Production Director
Kimberly Taglia

Kimberly Taglia

Local Field Director