About Us

The Miss Connecticut Scholarship Organization, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) operated by volunteers that supports the advancement of women in society by embracing diversity, education and civic action. The organization invests in the women of Connecticut to further their education and provides a platform to propel their futures. Candidates who participate are awarded thousands of dollars in scholarships and in-kind sponsorships each year. The Miss Connecticut competition is a preliminary to the Miss America competition.

Our Promise

To invest in women and provide a platform to propel futures.

The Job

Miss Connecticut and Miss Connecticut's Outstanding Teen are the two most visible representatives of the mission and vision of the Miss Connecticut Scholarship Organization ("MCSO"), as a part of the Miss America Organization ("MAO"). Miss Connecticut’s job is one of purpose. She is one member of the MCSO team and is responsible for positively promoting the goals and objectives of MCSO and MAO, as well as advancing her own Social Impact Initiative (“SII”).

The Competition

Local Competitions are held each year. These competitions select winners who represent their city, county, region, college or university in the Miss Connecticut Competition.

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