Meet the candidates competing for the title of Miss Connecticut’s Outstanding Teen 2019 in our Road to Miss Connecticut’s Outstanding Teen Series!

Name:  Maggie Wernicki

Title:  Miss Mum’s City Outstanding Teen

Hometown:  Southington

School: JFK Middle School

Talent:  Violin

What was your first thought when you were crowned Miss Mum’s City Outstanding Teen?

It was mainly a complete blur but I just couldn’t wait for the year ahead of me and to compete at MCTOT.

What do you hope to accomplish as Miss Mum’s City Outstanding Teen?

As Miss Mum City’s Outstanding teen 2019 I hope to accomplish an amazing year of service. This will be my first year competing on the Miss Connecticut’s Outstanding Teen Pageant, I hope to be able to make it to the finals and walk out knowing I did my best, had fun, and made bonds that will last a lifetime. 

To you, why is Miss America still relevant?

Miss America is still relevant navies she shows with hard work and determination anything is possible. It doesn’t matter if you come from the smallest town or the biggest town you can still achieve your dreams. Miss America provides a platform for you to make a difference in you community and affect change. 

What has been your favorite appearance thus far as Miss Mum’s City Outstanding Teen?

My favorite appearance has been the boys and girls club mommy and son dance. It was heart warming to see the mothers and sons bonding throughout the night and the young boys there were so sweet and welcoming of the titleholders to dance with them. 

What is your favorite quote?

Why fit in when you were born to stand out  

Fun fact:

My favorite animal is a donkey

Who would you like to thank for helping you get to this point?

I would like to thanks my parents, fellow titleholders, My business manager; Linda Lubrico and many more they have helped to become the person I am today and I am so grateful to have had them leading up to Miss Connecticut’s Outstanding Teen. 

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