Name: Alyssa Anderson

Title: Miss Greater Watertown 

Hometown: Wolcott, CT

School/Career: Post University — Bachelors of Science in Marketing / Management Trainee — Enterprise Holdings

Talent: Rhythmic Tap Routine

What was your first thought when you were crowned Miss Greater Watertown?

I was thrilled to be granted the opportunity to compete once again for the job of Miss Connecticut. Since I was five-years-old, I have dreamt of becoming Miss Connecticut and have been working towards that dream for the last four years as a local titleholder. Immediately upon being crowned, I began to imagine how I wanted to spend my year as Miss Greater Watertown and how I could best prepare myself to beMiss Connecticut 2019. 

What do you hope to accomplish as Miss Greater Watertown?

As Miss Greater Watertown, I will continue my marketing efforts surrounding my social impact initiative, “Be The Boss”: Empowering Children to Take Control of their Asthma while serving as a goodwill ambassador for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. My aspiration is to be present every day by filling my calendar with volunteer opportunities, events and speaking engagements to continue to build personal connections and brand awareness for the Miss America Organization. 

To you, why is Miss America still relevant?

Miss America is a strong, empowered woman who speaks confidently in her convictions. She exudes beauty from the inside out and is intellectual, intelligent and charismatic. Each and every Miss America is able to bring something unique to her year of service and leave behind a legacy of her own, which is whyMiss America will always be relevant. 

What has been your favorite appearance thus far as Miss Greater Watertown?

While it is difficult to pinpoint one appearance to identify as my favorite, I am most proud of my 3rd annual “Night of Miracles” fundraiser that I hosted for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. I have seen this event grow and evolve over the last three years and am overwhelmed by the support I have received. Knowing the money raised will directly benefit children like myself, who are patients of Connecticut Children’s is extremely gratifying. 

What is your favorite quote?

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”

Fun fact:

I had the exciting opportunity to model for dress designer, Jovani Fashions in New York City! 

Who would you like to thank for helping you get to this point?

I truly would not be the woman I am today without the village of people who have supported me on this journey. To my family, thank you for continually believing in me and my goals; big or small. To my business managers and prep teams past and present, thank you for helping me become the best version of myself possible. To my two beautiful princesses; Emersyn, Lauren and their families, thank you for sharing this journey with me and allowing me to be your mentor. I am so grateful for every single person who has supported me in my quest to the Miss Connecticut crown and I hope to make you all proud! 

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