Name: Lindiana Frangu

Title: Miss Bristol’s Outstanding Teen 2019

Hometown: Woodbury, CT

School/Career: Nonnewaug High School to pursue a career in Early Childhood Education and Child Psychology

Talent: Rhythmic Tap dance

What was your first thought when you were crowned Miss Bristol’s Outstanding Teen? When I was crowned Miss Bristol’s Outstanding Teen, I was ecstatic, all I could hear was my family screaming and cheering for me and I immediately thought of everybody that helped me get there and how thankful I was for them. I also thought of my crazy year ahead of me and how I am ready to work for my goal of becoming Miss Connecticut’s Outstanding Teen.

What do you hope to accomplish as Miss Bristol’s Outstanding Teen?

As Miss Bristols Outstanding Teen, I want to show people that pageants are not only about beauty but also what’s on the inside, whether our head or our heart. The crown acts as a microphone for young and intelligent women, we can talk about our platforms, opinions, and very important topics in our life or world today. As well as, work with my platform that I’ve done in Connecticut.

To you, why is Miss America still relevant?

Miss America is still relevant because of the little girls that dreamed of becoming her and because of the drive, passion, determination, kindness, intelligence and beauty that lives in each of those little girls. They then take that and grow to become amazing women and grow to become local, state and national titleholders.

What has been your favorite appearance thus far as Miss Bristol’s Outstanding Teen?

My favorite appearance as of now has to be the Connecticut RACE In The Park. Being able to help organize and raise money for this event was amazing. I was also given the opportunity to be a key speaker at the survivors breakfast the morning of the RACE where I talked about my story, platform and the Miss Connecticut Scholarship Organization. I met so many amazing people and families that have gone through the same thing but have a different story that goes with it. Being welcomed into the Ct

Breast Health Initiative family was truly so amazing and one of the best parts of my year so far.

What is your favorite quote?

My favorite quote is “Little girls with dreams become women with vision” because when I was younger I had set goals and dreams for myself and was confident I could become something and make my family proud and today while I get older I look back to those goals and realize I am checking them off one at a time while creating new ones and becoming who I’ve always wanted to be.

Fun fact:

A fun fact about me is that I love to sing in the car with my family, whether it be albanian, rap, musical theatre, etc. I sing and dance the entire time.

Who would you like to thank for helping you get to this point?

I would like to thank my family for continuing to believe in me all of my life. ~My mom for being my rock, when I’m either a hot mess or completely organized, she’s always got my back. ~Linda Lubrico, my business manager, for believing in me and always wanting the best for me and for giving me many opportunities in the city of Bristol. ~My prep team that has been helping me to be the best I could be on the Miss Connecticut stage in june. ~ Anybody that has believed in me this year because it has truly helped me become so much more confident in what i say and do. ~ The CT Breast Health Initiative, Joyce and the board for giving me the chance to be apart of your team and the most amazing event of the year. ~ Morgan Mancini and Bridget Oei as well as the Miss Connecticut Scholarship Organization for pushing us young and intelligent women to be confident, determined and intelligent on and off that stage.

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