Name:  Skylin Danciayre Foster

Title:  Mis Greater Rockville’s Outstanding Teen

Hometown:  Vernon/Rockville

School:  Vernon Center Middle School

Talent: Vocal/Dance Performance 

What was your first thought when you were crowned Miss Greater Rockville’s Outstanding Teen?

My first thought when I was crowned was, “Did they just call my name?!?!?!”, as well as feeling full of surprise and excitement. I stood there for a few seconds as I couldn’t believe that I had been chosen for this amazing journey. 

What do you hope to accomplish as Miss Greater Rockville’s Outstanding Teen?

As Miss Greater Rockville’s Outstanding Teen, I want to change the way that people view teens.  To show them that we have a voice and can accomplish anything we put our mind to.  Sadly, many teens are following questionable paths.  I would like to be a positive influence and role model to others, as well as strengthening the image for the Miss America Organization. There is a stigma attached with pageants, and I am determined to show the world that this is more than a pageant. That this is an organization that raises up young women as well as strengthens and bridges the gap within communities. My goal regarding my platform is to spread a word of kindness. After all the world needs more of it!

To you, why is Miss America still relevant?

Miss America is still relevant in that it continues to provide scholarship opportunities as well as boosts young women’s confidence while encouraging them to be active and positive influences in their community. 

What has been your favorite appearance thus far as Miss Greater Rockville’s Outstanding Teen?

My favorite appearance is a tie between two. Making my appearance at IHOP for National Pancake Day is a memorable one as it was my first time representing the organization. I enjoyed sharing information about the Miss America Program, my platform and the importance of our work with Children’s Miracle Network.  I met people of all ages and encouraged them to stay involved in their communities. Tying with the IHOP appearance is the RockaThon. I was inspired by the Children’s Miracle Network Ambassadors/Children. To hear their stories and being able to share in a night of fun with them has left an impression on my heart. 

What is your favorite quote?

I am a huge fan of Maya Angelou’s quotes. The one that has been my favorite lately is, “If you’re always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” This is a reminder that we don’t have to keep up with The Jones’ or follow the same path as our peers.  We are all born unique and should embrace it = You are your own kind of amazing!

Fun Fact:

Currently I am nominated for Kids Cast of the Monsters of Hip Hop LA Finale Show. This is an honor as they select 2-4 dancers from each of the 20 cities on their season tour and will select a final cast in June. The day I was nominated, I was having a difficult time with symptoms of Hashimoto’s Disease. It was a push for me, but I managed to get back on the stage to complete the routine a final time. It was a moment for me where I realized that I will not be defined by my disease.

Who would you like to thank for helping you get to this point?

I would like to thank my mom and my sisters. My mom is always there for me, and helps me with everything. She is my number one supporter. My sisters aka The Twincesses have never complained about being a part of my journey.  From traveling across the country to now attending appearances, they embrace all the moments with me. Thank you to Jennifer Fraiko who introduced me to the Miss America Organization and has been my coach, sister and friend through these new experiences. Thank you to Team Rolland! Teri and Steve for guiding me and keeping me on track.  Sylvanna for taking me under your wing and supporting all my crazy antics. Monica for supporting and sharing smiles with me.  You all ROCK!

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