Four Points Incentives – Rules & Regulations

****Please read the terms carefully as many policies have been updated****

Purpose of The Program

 The Four Points Incentive Program is a rewards program that is for the sole benefit of state contestants at the Miss and Teen level.  Through fundraising for qualifying events and after supporting our various sponsors, contestants earn Four Points Incentive credits that can be redeemed for various Miss CT store items or a cash credit.

General Rules and Information

  • All participants must register to take part in the Four Points Incentive Program.  Please complete the online registration form on the website.
    • There is a separate registration form for Miss and Teen participants. For teens looking to register for the program your Parent or Legal Guardian will be required to sign the form online authorizing your enrollment.
    • Your enrollment will not be complete until the form is completed in full and signed online.  
  • If you are a returning contestant already enrolled in the former Royalty Rewards program you DO NEED TO RE-REGISTER for the new Four Points Program; however, your identification number will remain the same under the new program. 
  • Following the submission of your registration form, you will receive a personalized Four Points Incentive Program number to use as a reference on all further documentation.
  • Four Points Incentive Program numbers should be placed on all documents submitted for this program to ensure timely credit and accuracy.
  • Unused Royalty Rewards balances from the 2017-2018 & 2018-2019 competition seasons WILL NOT be rolled over to the new Four Points Incentive program. All contestants will enter this new program with a $0 starting balance.  
  • Accounts associated with those contestants that aged out of the system shall be closed and no longer active.
  • The Miss Connecticut Organization will not manage accounts that have been deemed to lapse for a year or more. 
  • 100 Four Points Incentive credits accrued = the equivalent of $1.00 USD. 

Accrual and Redemption

Qualifying Activities:

Qualifying Activities

Donation Levels
Princess / Prince Enrolled for Camp 
via Contestant Referral
$250 – $350
Depending on Signup Level
New 2019 Century Club Member
Enrolled via Contestant Referral
$25 – $250 Per Member
Depending on Signup Level
Ad Sales$50 – $250 Per Ad
Purchase @ a Qualifying 2019 Miss
CT State Sponsor

Princess / Prince Participant Referral

Contestants who refer a new participant to enroll in the 2019 Princess / Prince Camp will receive credit for the full value of the enrollment fee ($250 – $350 per enrollment based on signup level).

This is an excellent way to earn credit for inviting friends and family to have their children participate in this exciting program.

Note: New participants must register and pay via the Miss CT website. To receive credit the participant must list the name of the contestant in the referral field at the bottom of the online sign-up form.

Century Club Member Referral

Contestants who refer a new 2019 Century Club Member will receive credit for the full value of the donation made. ($25 – $250 per member based on sponsorship level selected at enrollment.)

Century Club donations for 2019 go 100% to support scholarships, and we will have a NEW $500 scholarship that will be voted on solely by this year’s Century Club members.

Note: New Century Club members must register and pay via the Miss CT website. To receive credit the donor must list the name of the contestant in the referral field at the bottom of the online sign-up form.

Miss CT Program Ad Sales

Contestants will receive credit for all print and digital ad sales sold to support the Miss CT 2019 pageant program.

Credit will be applied for the full value of each add sold – $50 – $250 per ad.

Purchases Made @ Official Miss CT State Sponsors

Contestants will receive a one-time fixed credit for each purchase made at a Miss Connecticut state sponsor.

A $5 credit will be applied for each purchase valued at $500 and below.

A $10 credit will be applied for each purchase valued at $501 and above.

Receipts must be submitted online via the Four Points Sponsor Purchase Accrual Form.

Reward Levels:

Contestants can earn incentive credits based on three reward tiers. These tiers provided credits at fixed at 5%, 10%, and 15% based on the total donations accumulated by the contestant.

Note: Only additional dollars donated via referral activities or add sales over the minimum tier threshold will qualify for the higher incentive credit.

Credits Earned
Based on Total
Potential Value of
Credits to be Earned
Silver$0 – $2,5005 Credits Per
Dollar (5%)
0 – 12,500
Platinum$2,501 – $7,50010 Credits Per
Dollar (10%)
Up to an
Additional 50k
Diamond$7,501 and up15 Credits Per
Dollar (15%)

Example: Sue Smith secures $3,750 in donations via referrals to Princess/Prince Camp, referrals to Century Club, and Ad Sales. This equals 24,750 points ($2,500 @ 5 credits per dollar = 12,500 plus an additional $1,250 @ 10 credits per dollar = 12,250).

What Can Crowning Points Be Redeemed For?

Total Credits
0 – 12,500100 Credits = $1$0 – $125 ValueMiss CT Store
12,501 and Up100 Credits = $1$125.01 and UpCash Rebate or Miss CT Store
  • There is a 72 hour hold on all accruals submitted for processing.  After the expiration of the 72 hour hold, your new monies will become eligible for use.  (Example: Four Points Incentive Sponsor Accrual forms are submitted online by contestant on April 30th, 2019.  Deadline to purchase Brunch Tickets is April 29, 2019.  You are not eligible to utilize the new monies you have accrued as they will not have been in the bank for 72 hours prior to attempted purchase.
  • Four Points Incentives can be used to purchase items for family, friends or your local titleholder.
  • Four Points Incentives cannot be transferred, borrowed or loaned.  Families with more than one contestant in the state pageant may combine Four Points Incentive balances to purchase items from the Miss CT store only.
  • Should you not have the requisite number of Four Points Incentive credits to purchase an item in full, you will be permitted to partially subsidize the cost of an item and pay the remaining balance via paypal or online invoice.  Any outstanding balances must be paid prior to distribution of items purchased.
  • Payment must be made in full prior to the distribution of any purchases.
  • The Four Points Incentive Program is a privilege….not a right.  Your privilege to participate in the program can be taken away at any time should you not abide by the rules of the Four Points Incentive Program or if you are in violation of your local or state contracts.